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Sunday, January 4, 2015

It may be cold outside, but this will warm you up.

Jasmine wiped the water from her eyes and took in the sight of him. She watched as the water cascaded over his toned shoulders, down his chiseled abs and over his groin.
 “Wen!” she shouted. Wen stepped closer to her and a sensation of anticipation rushed through Jasmine. She could smell his musky scent and knew he had just finished working out. She felt the warmth from the hot water radiating from his skin as he reached behind her and picked up a bottle of shampoo off the shelf.
   “I was looking for that,” he said, with a grin.

About the book:

Wen and Jasmine plan a vacation, but after a sexy bet, they soon find out that you don’t have to go away, to getaway. It's a sensual game of "cat and mouse'"...Sometimes getting caught is the most fun.
"Meet Me Under The Lavender Sky" is the second book featuring Jasmine and Wen; who made their first appearance in the award-winning, bestselling book "My Heart In Seoul".

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"Meet Me Under The Lavender Sky."

"My Heart In Seoul"