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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Meet Private Investigator Camille Sheridan...

  I was hired right out of law school by the Schaller and Lane law firm. I lost out on a promotion that would have made me not only the first female partner in the firm, but the first woman of color. In the end, the position went to someone they thought would better represent the firm; the blonde and blue eyed, Matthew Collins. He was everything they wanted and apparently I was not. After careful consideration, I decided to “get out of Dodge.” 

I gave the firm my two week notice, packed up my belongings in my little brown box, said my goodbyes and never looked back. That’s when I decided to go into the private investigation business. I could pick and choose the cases I wanted to take on and set my own hours. Before passing the bar exam, I worked as an investigator for a high-priced defense lawyer. I took the money from my severance package, some of my savings and started up Sheridan Investigative Services.