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Monday, December 16, 2013

Latest reviews for My Heart in Seoul..


" Perfect! I love it! I would say this book is defined by a unique and clever plot, a few twists and turns that help keep it interesting, and of course tons of passion between admirable and dynamic characters. I know that I will definitely be recommending this to some friends and I'm sure that they will be just as satisfied as I am with it.

I love the genre, and though I admit that I can be quite (sometimes unfairly) critical when it comes to romance, I really have nothing bad to say about My Heart In Seoul and it's left me more than happy and with an author to keep an eye on. I'll definitely be looking forward to future releases by Sydney Arrison."

bsturdivant" What a Wonderful Book! I think that every woman in the country should read this book.If you are married or single, this book will renew your passion, For those who have never been in love, this book has the kind of passion to look for in a relationship. Men should read this book ,it tells what most women want."

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