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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Vivienne Diane Neal's review of my short-story 'The Conversation"..

"This is a great thought provoking story with a powerful message. Whether you are religious or not, you will enjoy the discussion between the two characters, and the ending will leave you re-evaluating how you judge others when they are going through hard times."

Vivienne Diane Neal

 I wrote "The Conversation" a few years ago. I'm so proud of this little story. The feedback I've received is pretty amazing. I purposely didn't give the main character a name, because "she" could be anyone. We all know a few "she's" like the woman in the story. Hopefully all the "she's" out there will self-reflect and change their ways.

Be a part of "The Conversation." now only $0.99 on Amazon A gossipy woman finds out that being a "good Christian" is indeed a 24 hour job. "Whether you are "a person of faith" or not, we all can learn from this story.

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