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Monday, April 21, 2014

"My Heart In Seoul"

"A great read for a jolt of "happy!"

"My Heart in Seoul is a short and sweet feel-good read."

"My Heart In Seoul... left me more than happy and with an author to keep an eye on. I'll definitely be looking forward to future releases by Sydney Arrison."

"Transcends your average romance novel."

"Like a delicious treat I didn't want it to end."

"I think that every woman in the country should read this book.If you are married or single, this book will renew your passion."

Very sexy, sweet read. Pick up "My Heart in Seoul," Because "we all can use some sexy in our lives."

Jasmine Sinclair, is a strong-willed journalist who is engaged to a Hollywood actor. Her fiancé indiscretions create a scandal, leaving Jasmine washing her hands of all men. At the insistence of her mother, she accompanies her father, Senator Sinclair, to Seoul on a business trip and is joined by her two best girlfriends, Candace and Rita, the catalysts that will push Jasmine to give love and romance another chance with the protagonist, Wen Hon."
- Author Vivienne Diane Neal

"My Heart In Seoul"

Watch as their love flourishes and grows in the passionate new release "Meet Me Under The Lavender Sky."


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