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Monday, October 27, 2014

Get to know the characters from 'My Heat in Seoul"

What's not to like about Wen?  He's lovely in every way. Right out of college Wen's uncle hired him to oversee his charitable organizations.

He has golden bronze skin, just a hint of a mustache above his full sensual lips, dark almond eyes, high cheekbones and thick coal black hair.

Since he had his own dealings with the tabloids and press; Wen was very sympathetic to Jasmine's situation. Certain hardships that he had to face as a young man paved the way for him to become a very compassionate human being. 

A quote from Wen to Jasmine: 
"Ouch! She aims, shoots and hits her target,” he said, placing his hand over his heart. 


Jasmine is a compassionate, intelligent, beautiful woman. I wanted her to be strong, but not abrasive. I didn't want her to be one of those women who  can overlook a major character flaw; simply because the guy is hot or has fame and fortune. One reader told me she: "cheered out loud" when Jasmine made a major decision  regarding her engagement to Brice. I like the relationship she has with her parents and I also like the friendship she has with Candace and Rita.  I enjoyed writing the little flirtatious encounters she had with Wen.

From the book:
At five feet seven inches, Jasmine was lean, with long chestnut hair, and caramel colored skin. . She had inherited her mother's  blue Irish eyes. The Senator would often tell his daughter: that her eyes were "as blue as the finest cut sapphire stone." 

Quote from Jasmine to Wen:
“I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing here, but I’m not someone you can toy with.”

 Patty O.

Patty O’Sullivan, also known as Patty O.  Is a petite, stout woman, who smoked two packs a day, and used language that would make a sailor or a gangsta rapper blush. She once told Jasmine, “A cute face and big tits will get you through the door, but your mind will get you a seat at the table.”

 I really enjoyed writing Patty's character. She's tough and says what's on her mind. This may sound weird, but Patty is a combination of  the Kathy Bates character on “The Office” and a nun who worked at my son’s elementary school. Sister Ellie was so sweet and loving, but you knew you never wanted to cross her. She had quick wit, was brutally honest, and her charming Irish lilt, with a hint of Boston, would definitely warm your heart.

Quote from Patty to Jasmine:
 “You should have decked the bitch! It would have been worth it and you would feel a lot better. Now have two shots of Jack and call me in the morning!” 

Candace Taylor:

 I've received e-mail asking me if I plan on writing more about Candace and her girlfriend Rita. I really enjoyed her no nonsense approach and I absolutely love the relationship she has with Rita. 

One reader said: she liked the fact that I didn't "make a big deal about Candace's sexuality, that Candace and Rita's relationship was as natural as Jasmine's and Wen's." It's something I never even thought about. Candace just seems like a cool person. She always has her friends back and is always there to offer a shoulder to cry on.

I was really pleased to read this in the review from I Love Reading Romance: "One of the bonuses in this romance is the great cast of diverse characters, which was a refreshing surprise that provided a nice addition to the story."

Quote from Candace after seeing Wen for the first time.
"He’s a fine specimen of man… A bronze God. Trust me; I don’t appreciate such a sight very often."


was physically the opposite of Candace. She had long red hair, fair skin and freckles. Candace nicknamed her “Shortcake,” as in the doll Strawberry Shortcake.

 Quote from Rita after seeing Wen for the first time:
Wow! Now that’s the kind of guy who makes a girl want to switch sides,” Rita said, with a giggle. “He has that whole Johnny Depp thing going on... Damn!”

Briceson McDaniels:

Brice was one of the highest paid actors in the business. It seemed as though he was just as famous for his personal life off screen, as he was for the action heroes he portrayed on screen.  He was tall, about six feet and a couple inches, dark brown hair that had a sexy tousled-just got out of bed look. His skin was fair and he had piercing green eyes.

 Quote from Brice to Jasmine:
 “I’m an actor, if I were going to give you a line, trust me; it would be a hell of a lot better than that!  Yes, I'm that good."

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