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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Let Wen take you on a sexy ride.

"'This week show us all the sexy sleigh rides or any other rides"...

 From ‘My Heart In Seoul.”
“Lady, your chariot awaits,” Wen said, pointing to a black moped.
“Seriously, you expect me to ride on that thing?”
“I certainly do. It will be easy to get around all the traffic. Besides, I’m a good driver,” he said, putting a helmet on her head. Their eyes met and Jasmine nervously looked away.
“Heads up, so I can buckle this thing,” he said, fastening the clasps.
“I promise to take my time, and go…And go as slowly as you’d like,” he said, with a coy smile.

Review for ‘My Heart In Seoul.”

"Jasmine is a character that you root for from the very beginning because of what happened to her with her fiancée. While you feel a little sorry for her, she's also written as a strong woman (a reporter) but she's still recovering and she needs a win. She heads to Seoul with her dad where an erotic dance in a club with a stranger changes everything.

This was a well-written contemporary romance story. I read through pretty quickly and found it satisfying, so I'd recommend it if you like stories with exotic settings.

I loved Wen. He's a great (sexy) character with integrity. He's the type of guy that you can take home to meet mom but who turns around and sweeps you off your feet five seconds later."

Review for ‘My Heart In Seoul.”
 "Interracial at its best! This story was a great read from start to finish,just enough drama to keep you going, there was whit and charm throughout this story and the love making scenes were tender and true. Perfect interracial tale told with great flare. Well done writer, I would gladly read again." 
 “Meet Me Under The Lavender Sky:”
Wen and Jasmine plan a vacation, but after a sexy bet, they soon find out that you don’t have to go away, to getaway.
"Meet Me Under The Lavender Sky" is the second book featuring Jasmine and Wen; who made their first appearance in the award winning, bestselling book "My Heart In Seoul".

 Review for “Meet Me Under The Lavender Sky:”

"A perfect love story. It was a pleasure to read a real love story without all the drama."

Click to purchase  My Heart in Seoul “or get it free with Kindle Unlimited.

Click to purchase  "Meet Me Under The Lavender Sky" or get it free with Kindle Unlimited.