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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

#Summer love.

Looking for a sensual, sweet, summer read? Check  out these two books.

Passage from “Meet Me Under The Lavender Sky.”
  The full moon peeked behind luminous clouds. Stars lingered against the background of the lavender summer sky, while an orchestra of crickets and cicadas provided music for the evening.

Check out what reviewers have said about "My Heart in Seoul" & "Meet Me Under The Lavender Sky."

“Well written, engaging, romantic and fun."
"Storytelling at Its Finest.”
"It's a good, old fashioned sweet and steamy ride."
"Jasmine is a character you root for from the very beginning."
"This story was a great read from start to finish."
"I loved Wen. He's a great (sexy) character with integrity."
"A romance you won't want to put down."
"Storytelling at Its Finest."
"A perfect love story."
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