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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Spice up your Sunday...

With this passionate tale filled with heartbreak, sensual romance, mystery and suspense.
"This is the love journey of Brooklyn and Song. Brooklyn is the privileged daughter of the first African-American governor of the state of New York. Song is the son of a 1st generation South Korean. Brooklyn although privileged she grew up with all of the best that life has to offer she was a pretty down-to-earth young lady. She is a elementary school teacher. And Song is your average run-of-the-mill New York City detective. 

These two meet and sparks fly immediately but as you would imagine both carry baggage very similar baggage they both know a bite and Hurt of a very close loved one dying before their time. They both recognize this pain and each other even before they discuss it. However things get very real when someone tries to hurt Brooklyn. Overall the story was a very good one although they were times I wanted to shake Brooklyn. But overall it was a good story especially towards the end. I recommend this book to you. The story is both interracial and an HEA."

“Everything you want in a good mystery romance story.This was such a good story to sink your teeth into and just simply enjoy.The well fleshed-out characters were people you could actually know and like.There are some moments when you are just laughing out loud and there are moments when you are just sighing because you imagine it happening.This is a well written thought out story with a little something for everyone.I look forward to reading more from this writer.”