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Monday, May 30, 2016

Author Vivienne Diane Neal's review of "Brooklyn's Song"

"The author takes a detour from her usual engaging interracial romance stories and introduces the reader to an absorbing story that seems to delve into political conspiracy. It is an authentic narrative with some adorable and quirky multiracial/multi-ethnic characters, a true representation of New York City. Protagonist Brooklyn Pierce has just witnessed an attempted assassination, and Detective Song Kai and his partner, Detective Mattice Blake, are on the case.

But as the story progresses, sparks begin to develop between Brooklyn and Song, providing the reader with a story line overflowing with sensuality, compassion and romance amidst the onset of drama, tension, suspicion, deception and murder and an explosive ending, which you will never see coming. I enjoyed the mutual respect and compassion that Song and Mattice have for each other; they demonstrate what it really means to serve and protect its citizens. "

-Author Vivienne Diane Neal

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