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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Author Vivienne Diane Neal's review of "The Last Firefly"

'A Beautiful Coming of Age Thriller"

"What an extraordinary read. After waiting so long for this book to come out, the wait was well worth it. Protagonist Camille Sheridan, a straightforward, compassionate, and nurturing PI is asked to investigate an attack on a woman, supposedly, committed by her childhood friend, Luke Samuels. 
What starts out as a problematic case, develops into a cat and mouse game overflowing with some loveable, eccentric, sleazy, and egotistical characters, and murder, and when her associate, investigator Layla Li comes into the picture, a well-executed plot will expose some shocking revelations, secrets and lies, twists and turns, police misconduct, building up to an ending you will never see coming. What makes this story so great is seeing two intelligent women who can hold their own in any dangerous situation. The author also touches on some major societal issues, namely, domestic violence, gay bashing, and misogyny."
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