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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

News & Updates February 2018

I'm working  on a few projects including a short story featuring Camille and Layla from "The Last Firefly." This little short is actually a prequel to the Last Firefly. It's sort of a way for people who haven't read the book to get to know the characters. 

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to send me an e-mail regarding my work. I know a few people wanted to know about the audiobooks:unfortunately  Audible isn't available in South Korea, China or the Philippines. My books are available on all of the international  Amazon sites as well as Audible and I-tunes. If that changes I will certainly let you  know.

Thanks so much for the lovely e- greeting cards congratulating me on becoming a new pet parent. Yes, my little kitty is doing well. She has brought a lot of sunshine into my home. 

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