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Monday, April 7, 2014

Character profile of Patty O. from 'My Heart In Seoul"

Patty O’Sullivan, also known as Patty O. was a petite, stout woman, who smoked two packs a day, and used language that would make a sailor or a gangsta rapper blush. She once told Jasmine, “A cute face and big tits will get you through the door, but your mind will get you a seat at the table.”

 I really enjoyed writing Patty's character. She's tough and says what's on her mind. This may sound weird, but Patty is a combination of Kathy Bates character on “The Office” and a nun who worked at my son’s elementary school. Sister Ellie was so sweet and loving, but you knew you never wanted to cross her. She had quick wit, was brutally honest, and her charming Irish lilt with a hint of Boston, would definitely warm your heart.

 Patty O. loved to dole out advice whether it was sought or not. This is what she told Jasmine regarding an incident with Kelly: “You should have decked the bitch! It would have been worth it and you would feel a lot better. Now have two shots of Jack and call me in the morning!” 

I would love to include Patty and Candace in future writings. 

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